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iPhone Repairs Brisbane

What should I watch out for when repairing my iPhone myself?

All too often we have people bring their phone down with parts they found on the internet. Here are a couple of pointers if you are willing to take the plunge and attempt to repair your iPhone yourself.

Ensure you are buying the correct part Different generation/model iPhones have different digitisers (touch screens) and LCD screens. Ask before you buy to ensure you are getting the correct model that matches your iPhone.

Don't just buy a replacement glass This is quite simply a con. You cannot separate your front glass from the digitizer without causing damage. When replacing a cracked glass screen, you need to ensure you obtain a single part which is the iPhone front glass and digitizer (touch screen). On the iPhone 4, it is actually the front glass, digitizer and LCD as all 3 are epoxy-glued together.

Be gentle and use plastic tools where possible There are many small components which are easy enough to break off with a misguided screwdriver. Be very careful when first opening your iPhone. The number 3 connector has a grey flick-up clasp which holds it in place. Make sure you do not damage this connector as it is extremely difficult to replace. Use a plastic tool to flip up the dark section of the clasp before sliding the ribbon out gently.

If you start repairing your iPhone and then think you are in too deep, don't be scared to give us a call and we can take over where you left off. Don't be embarrassed as we are here to help and trust us when we say we've seen it all before.

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