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How do I back up my iPhone?

You should always back up your iPhone on a regular basis to protect against data loss (i.e. contacts, calendar, notes, photos, etc.). Backing up your iPhone is dead easy. Simply plug it into your computer with iTunes installed and once your iPhone has been detected, it will display your iPhone in the left hand pane (e.g. Johnís iPhone). Right-click on your iPhone and select the backup option. This will make a backup of all that important data on your iPhone. If you backup on a computer which is not your normal everyday computer you used to setup your iPhone, it will not backup things like your apps. These can be synced back from your original iTunes computer later on. Apps can always be replaced but your entire phone book and irreplaceable photos of your kid are not as easy.

Although most repairs are very unlikely to damage your data, we still encourage you to back up your data before any work is completed. This is simply a safeguard to protect you against any nasty surprises.

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