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How do I reduce the risk of cracking my iPhone screen?

So, you’ve broken your screen and now you need to know how to prevent it from happening again. Unfortunately the only way to guarantee not breaking your iPhone screen is to never drop it, never accidentally bang it into the corner of a table while in your pocket and never accidentally leave it sitting on the roof of your car as you drive off... The list goes on!

You can take some preventative measures to protect your iPhone investment. You can purchase protective cases made from various materials such as rubber, silicone, hard plastic, leather or material. The rubber and silicone cases will help to protect your iPhone from scratches and dings and will also make it easier to grasp without slipping which is quite handy with the iPhone having a smooth and slick design. These cases will not provide the greatest help if your iPhone does take a drop, they will provide a bit of cushion but generally not enough to stop any breakages.

Hard plastic cases are similar to the rubber and silicone cases and will provide about the same level of functionality and protection. They are slightly better when it comes to drop protection but if the iPhone manages to land on its corner and send enough force through the phone, it will still break.

Leather cases—which are more like a wallet and encase the whole iPhone—are probably the best protection available at this stage. They cover all sides of the iPhone and provide enough space and cushion to offer further protection. Of course they are a little inconvenient and don’t look as sleek and stylish as some of the other cases but that just brings up the argument of fashion vs. functionality.

There are plastic film screen protectors available which are mainly useful for protecting your iPhone’s screen from scratches, dirt and dust. These are not very helpful when it comes to protecting from breakages however but are still are worth using considering their cheap price tag.

We have most types of cases and screen protectors available for purchase in-store. There is a large range of colours and styles available.

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